Monday, December 5, 2011

We's Crazy People. And By "We" I Mean "McKay"

  McKay and I both looked forward to a swim in my parents' pool in California. Unfortunately, despite the warm Spring-like weather, the pool was still freezing. And we both forgot our swimsuits. But no problem! I had left behind some T-shirts and PJs in my old bedroom that would serve for our swimming needs, and that's what pool heaters are for, right? So, we left the pool heater on all day, and that night, we got dressed up.

  We so hot.

  Anyway, then we stepped outside. And I put my foot in the water.

  One of us may have chickened out.

  The other did not.

   You're a brave soul, McKay. I'm more of a don't-want-to-risk-hypothermia soul.

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