Tuesday, January 3, 2012


  Welp, now that I've finished Dragon Age 2 (what the what, Anders?! Why you be so crazy??), and have eleven or so hours to kill before Mass Effect is downloaded on my computer, I can finally tell you all about my Christmas. I know, you're all, "Yayyyy! I get to hear about someone else's Christmas! I'm totally enthralled!" But this is my blog, and you are my reading minions (or so I like to imagine), so you WILL put up with it.

  It was surprisingly nice, actually. I didn't even cry once, which is quite the accomplishment, considering. It started out with the traditional cinnamon roll Christmas tree that I grew up with for breakfast:

  Yeah, it tasted about as good as it looks in the pictures. Meaning, not that great. I've been spoiled with homemade goodies my whole life, and this from-a-can stuff just doesn't cut it for me. But I'm very, very pregnant, and the thought of making them from scratch was just too daunting. Thank goodness for icing, that's all I can say.

  Then began the present extravaganza.

It's raining Snickers! Hallelujah
This is my happy face.
Included in our pile of awesomeness: a sewing machine, multiple video games (which is why I have been neglecting my blog/everything. Yeah, my priorities aren't screwed up at ALL), a year-long membership to the local pool to me from McKay (he knows how much I miss swimming), a plethora of emergency preparedness equipment from my parents ("Do you know what a 'plethora' is, Jefe?"),  TWO boxes of my favorite Sees chocolates (which may or may not all be gone now), and on and on. We're very spoiled, we know.

  We then rushed late to church, which was an hour-long service that mostly consisted of Christmas music (love it). We spent the rest of the day chillaxing and eating leftovers.

 A good Christmas in my book.

P.S. Yes, it's my due date. No, I'm not in labor. I had a doctor's appointment today, and I am next to zero in dilation. But that's okay, I'll savor these last few days of sleep/being able to shower whenever I feel like.

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  1. I wish I lived closer so I could see your baby!!! I'm newborn hungry right now, but not about to have a baby just for that reason. :) Just remember, its hard to have a new baby BUT you get used to it soon than you think and life gets back to "normal".

    Merry Late Christmas.