Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wanna know how last night went? Well, TOO BAD, I'm going to tell you, anyway.

  Last night. So much rocking. So much jiggling, pacing. Sung every song I could think of for three hours straight. Realized I make up a lot of gibberish words when I don't know the lyrics. Slept in half-hour increments every two hours. Head hurts. Back hurts. Boobs hurt. Arms in absolute agony.  Plus side, for first time ever you can see a difference when I flex.

  McKay still not home from test. Gone forty-five hours. And counting. Don't know how single moms survive. Going to curl up into a ball now.


  1. It makes me tired reading about your night! But your "date" from last night is adorable!

  2. Poor baby. And by that I mean you, Julia. It will get better, though. One day, you'll be able to get hours of sleep in one stretch, and Lincoln will suddenly forget why he is grumpy, and these sleep-deprived days will be a big blur. Until then, hang in there! :-)