Friday, February 10, 2012

My Date for Tonight

"Hey. . . you. With the camera. Who you think you are?"
"I'm a very scary bear. Rawr. Rawr indeed."
    McKay has a huge 24-hour test thingy that basically requires him to stay at work overnight, so I'm on my own with Lincoln for all of today. And I mean ALL of today. And a good portion of tomorrow morning. The Friday before Valentine's. Without a car since McKay has my beautiful Toyota Matrix because his '95 Chevy Corsica (I hadn't ever heard of it, either) is on the brink of explosion or something, meaning I can't even duck out quickly with Lincoln to rent all the chick flicks McKay won't go for. I can't even be pathetic properly on a Friday all by myself.

  And, since I'm feeling sorry for myself already, it's been seven months since I've been to Disneyland. I think that may be an all-time record for me. I'm developing a Disney twitch, what with all those stupid tantalizing adds I keep seeing on Hulu while I nurse. Curse my rich white girl problems! (stolen from Nicole, stolen from Glee). The only way I know to make myself feel better is to indulge myself in a non-stop RPG video game binge! Well, during nap times, anyway.

  What are your awesome weekend plans, be they lame or otherwise? Anyone think they have me beat in self-pity?


  1. I'm hanging out with my roommates. We are all craving ice cream so we are going to have shakes.

  2. Eric and Ethan went camping with the scouts, and tonight we have a cub scout den meeting. Plus Eric will be out of town ON VALENTINES so not only did I miss the Friday before, the Saturday before, but he wont even physically be here on the day itself! I felt so madgry (mad + angry) I started painting all the trim in our house white (it's all different wood colors) and picked out a nice teal to paint the living room. Hey, if he's not here when I make these decisions it is his own fault.

  3. I went to a high school dance. I feel like fate (or destiny or something else I don't really believe in) has slapped me hard across the face. I never got asked to dances in high school and I kinda felt bad for myself. Now I'm drowning in high school dances!!!

    I'll be honest, never been a big fan of Valentines Day. I prefer to get my romance in movie form, rather than in real life. Real life romance makes me gag.