Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

 I try to go on a half-hour walk with Lincoln every day. Since I walk pretty darn slow (about two and a half miles an hour according to my phone app), that means the circumference of my walking area is pretty darn small. Still, I try to find new streets to walk down so I don't end up looking at the same houses every day. But let's face it--walking with only your two-month son for company is boring, new scenery or no. So I've taken to playing a kind of I Spy by myself. I bring my camera along now so I can gather proof of my findings. I feel like a secret spy when I take pictures, but one that gets caught a lot. Then I feel like a creepster as I try to nonchalantly walk away while my neighbors stare at me. See what I do for you people?
Here are my totals for today:

Number of cats seen: 5 (this is pretty low. Especially compared to the area around our old duplex, where we'd see about five cats per house).
Number of Christmas wreaths: 5. These aren't even the FAKE wreaths, these were real plants once upon a time. Now most look like they belong in Nightmare Before Christmas. Here's some proof, plus some other Christmas decorations (keep in mind, these were taken in the last two weeks. Also keep in mind that these are a small, SMALL sampling of the Christmas decorations I've seen. And I'm not even counting Christmas lights, which I think you have more of an excuse keeping up year-round; c'mon, those suckers are intense; you need a ladder and everything. Longest parentheses break ever):

How much is that snowman in the window?

These people also had Christmas ornaments along the roof trim.
Largest number of wind-chimes on one house: seven.

  One thing I love about Albany is that most of the houses aren't the cookie-cutter ones I grew up with in California--these babies are all unique. Some are more unique than others. I could pretty much do a daily installment of awesome/strange houses around town, but here's just a couple for now (I may bore you with more intermittently):

If you enlarge it, it's easier to see the second door to nowhere right on top of the one on the main floor. I love this for reasons I can't explain.
The sign, if you can't read it, says "Trespassers will be violated". Lock up yo' daughters!
The blue and red one I call "the Star Spangled, Red-Blooded, All-American House" in my head.

Why so blue, little house? And why the pink trim?
The sith lord who slept through all the excitement.

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  1. This is about the house with the door to nowhere, its not as Winchester Mystery house as you might hope. It's because they had small, narrow stair cases in those old homes and they needed an easy way to get the furniture upstairs. You're welcome.