Saturday, March 17, 2012

100% Normal

  The other day, I asked on Facebook if normal people imagine their husbands are dead every time their husbands are late coming home from work. One person said I was "100% normal". This immediately made me balk inside. Wha-wha-whaaaat? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT normal? As in, COMPLETELY?

  Oh yeah? Well, would a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT normal person talk to themselves pretty much constantly? Or pretend they've been kidnapped by pirates while they put on their make up? (I do this quite often. When I'm not pretending I'm a thief lord. I almost wish I were joking there.) Or that they're a servant while doing the dishes? (okay, I play a lot of pretend games by myself.)  Or make about a bazillion feltie things for no apparent reason? Or have crushes on video game characters/Simba? Or start ranting every time the Harry Potter movies get brought up? Or have dreams about killing Jafar from Aladdin? Or take a comment someone wrote to be nice and turn it into an insane insult and go to their blog to prove their point?

  Anyway. What makes you guys not normal?


  1. I always seem to assume people view me and/or my ideas negatively. Especially after a get together. I always feel awkward while I'm socializing and then for hours after I think of all the things I said wrong or should have said differently.

  2. Oh man, where to start? I talk to myself while getting ready for the day, too. Mostly short stories starring me, of course. I mod my videogames to star myself, my friends, and my family (You're a pistoleer [pistolera?] and McKay is a Shotgun specialist in my current mod). I play Dwarf Fortress. Then write stories about what happened in the fortress and mail them to people. I'll stop now before my comment rivals your post in length.

  3. When putting on my makeup I sometimes explain it in my head, as if I have the BEST makeup skills in the world, and people every where are needing me to show them how its done.

    And I have a sinking suspicion that Olivia doesn't like me.

    And I once yelled at my husband before realizing the bishop was sitting in my living room.

  4. I have conversations with myself about things I wish I could say to people. I play both parts and basically rehearse the perfect scenario over and over again making me sound the the queen of come-backs :) This used to happen out loud mostly but since Zoey has gotten older, they've migrated to my mind more and more. There was a period of time where she would crane her neck and say "mommy, what are you talking about???" She was really confused so now I have to be very aware of when I let the crazy me out!! Lol, I LOVE Kim's comment about her mad makeup skills, it made me laugh. I'm pretty sure I've done something similar before.