Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jumping the Gun, or My New Obsession

  I tend to get short-term obsessions. Once one burns out, I have a void in my life that I look to fill. And, since I recently caught up on Doctor Who, I once again cast my net out and quickly caught a new bug. Unfortunately, it's one that will probably burn out before it has the chance to do any good.

  Through pinterest, I stumbled on this blog. The authors have SO many fun kid activity ideas, I fell in love. The pièce de résistance for me is the children's craft area. It is FULL of different supplies and goodies, and the writer leaves out "invitations" for her kids, which can be accepted or ignored, with random things to play with. I loved the idea of play that requires imagination, and that has all sorts of other bonuses she talks about that I can't remember. ANYWAY, I loved it. So I immediately decided I wanted to make something like that for Lincoln. I can build it up little by little so that by the time he's old enough to actually use it, he'll have a nice selection. Dollar stores have become my best friend. 

  I could see in McKay's eyes as I enthused about my vision of Kidtopia, and the tone of his voice as he said, "Ohhkayy. . . " that he probably thinks that I'm wasting a lot of time and perfectly good dollar bills on something that I'll probably get tired of before it can be used and will turn into another box o' random crap. Ha, as if! Like this would end up like my big box of felt and embroidery hoops, or the crochet stuff that I could never figure out, or the giant pile of random fabric I was going to turn into a quilt.

  Anyway, I'll show you, other boxes o' random crap in our loft area! This time will be different! LINCOLN WILL HAVE THE BEST SENSORY STATION/CRAFT AREA EVA!!!

  Anyone else like to build up grand plans in their mind that hardly ever seem to come to fruition? (not that that will happen this time! I'm dedicated, I tells ya!)

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