Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Best of Being Married

  Yesterday, mine and McKay's main celebration for our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY (woot!), was going out to lunch to a Thai restaurant while his supervisor watched Lincoln. Nice supervisor, right?

  Anyway, at lunch I mentioned how one of the perks of being married was I didn't have to feel bad about double-dipping my egg rolls in the sauce. This turned into a mild competition about our favorite parts about being married.

McKay: The food's a lot better.

Me: I always have someone around to kill spiders.

McKay: I have the best friend I always wanted. [His were a lot sweeter than mine, obviously]

Me: I have someone to make fun of things with.

McKay: There's always someone to cuddle with.

Me: I can have a sleepover any day I want. [You may think I mean our everyday bedtime. But no, McKay and I will occasionally set up camp in the living room, pop up some corn, and watch movies until we fall asleep. We're cool like that.]

McKay: I have someone to brag about.

Me: Well, Lincoln's pretty darn rad. And you're always great help with him.

McKay: I have someone who I can try new things with.

Me: I have someone to talk through movies with.

  What are the perks of your relationship, if you are in one?

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  1. Not being judged when I do nothing all the day long, and still getting a foot rub. :)