Sunday, May 13, 2012

Days One and Two

  I'm baaaaaack! Well, for two weeks, anyway. Then I'm heading to California once again, because all my siblings are congregating, and I haven't seen them in forevers. Plus they need to meet Lincoln!

  California was great fun, with some weirdness, illness, and anxiety mixed in for good measure. I took no pictures until yesterday, at my friend Brooke's wedding. And I mostly only took those so I could avoid dancing.

  Anyhoo, Day One:

  The plane ride went well. Lincoln only fussed a little bit, and not for very loud or long. The plane was practically empty in the back (just one other girl), which was awesome, because I didn't have to worry about Lincoln making me flash people. His arm does this little windmill motion while he nurses, which tends to make the nursing cover bunch up, so . . . yeah. Flashing.

  When I arrived in California, I immediately informed my mother (Happy Mother's Day, by the by!) that Lincoln had lost his binky somewhere between the car and the airport, and it would be best if we could find a replacement right away. Lincoln is very picky where binkies are concerned, and I knew things might quickly unravel without it. I also realized I forgot church clothes for the next day. Classic Julia! So, off to Target we went.

  The specific binky Lincoln insists on was not there. We bought the closest thing we could find. The one church dress I liked only came in XXL. We bought it anyway.

  Lincoln did not like the binky. His face clearly expressed the idea, "You are trying to give me poison! How dare you, woman!" The dress was far too large. But that's okay. Cara came over. Laughter ensued.

Day Two:

Church. Lincoln had refused to nap all morning without the magic binky of wonder that I lost, so by the time 1:00 came around, he was feeling rather put out. Saw a couple old friends, which was great. Basically had to hold Lincoln and do my bounce-walk to calm him down the last two hours, which was not so great. Good arm work out, though.

 By the end of the day, Mom was starting to get a cold. We watched Amazing Race, and I talked about how much I hate everybody the whole time. I was relieved the racist border patrol guys don't win, but kind of hoped Brenden and Rachel would win, just because Brenden deserved it for putting up with her the whole time. That guy's a saint.

  Thus concludes my first two days in California. Which seemed much more entertaining in my head before actually typing it out. Ah, well. You'll have to indulge me.

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