Thursday, May 31, 2012

Star Trek: TNG Thoughts

  •    Ambassadors should be taken into custody immediately. They're going to end up there, anyway.
  •   It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside every time Picard would order Worf to load photon torpedoes and fire at will at the Kardashians.
  • The Worf/Deanna romance is twenty times more disturbing than the Rachel/Joey fiasco.
  •  It's truly amazing how many aliens have the exact same body structure as humans. No four-armed aliens out there in the whole galaxy? 
  •  If I lived on the Enterprise, you'd have to drag me out of the holodeck. Seriously, why would anyone ever leave? I'm guessing there must be a time limit or something.
  • Patrick Stewart is the sexiest bald white guy in the world.  Not that he had stiff competition. If he and Kelsey Grammar somehow had a baby, that baby's voice would take over the world.
  • Is it really weird that I think Brent Spiner is ten times more attractive in full android regalia? 
  • I can't hate Wesley Crusher anymore, knowing how rad Wil Wheaton is. How he came out of that role unscathed is beyond me. I sure couldn't have done it.
  • Picard confuses me--why is he a Frenchman with an English accent? Have the French evolved into being British? It makes about much sense as the male calico cat that thinks it's a dog with an Australian accent in Barbie, Princess and the Pauper


  1. Julia - I totally agree on Picard being the most handsome bald white guy EVER. Gill teases me that I still have a crush on him - Scary, I know. I also have wondered about that cat in the Barbie Princess and the pauper vid - weird (but actuallly like that barbie vid more that some others - good songs). Love your blog - thanks for helping me find it again! Love you! Christie

  2. I blog-stalked you tonight because your blog cracks me up. and the thing that cracked me up the most about this particular blog post was that you know what Barbie, princess and the pauper is... because don't you have a baby boy? haha. but the sad thing was. I know exactly which cat you're talking about. So I should be asking myself the same question.

  3. Oh, Virginia, I knew about that Barbie cat long, long before I had a child. Cara and I used to watch Barbie movies after scary ones during sleepovers so we wouldn't have nightmares. Totally works, by the way.