Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Guess it All Evens Out

BAD: Sick for two days. Basically my stomach was trying to kill me and all my limbs felt like I pumped them full of lead. Also, Sylvester ran away.

GOOD: McKay stayed home from work yesterday to give me the day to rest up. I napped all day, it became apparent that Lincoln loves McKay more than me, and the few times I was awake, I got to hang out with my husband. ON A WEEKDAY. Friggin' awesome. I also lost a lot of weight in a disgusting manner. Not sure whether that goes in the 'good' or 'bad' category, but we'll just leave it here for now. Oh, and Sylvester eventually wandered back after what was no doubt the Best Day Ever.

BAD: McKay got sick. He also has to spend the night at work to make up for taking the day off yesterday. So, basically, McKay gets the suckiest day of all time and I get a big bowl of guilt.

* * * * * 

BAD: Lincoln has been getting freaky night terrors of mysterious origin for the last five days where he wakes up screaming bloody murder. He's not a big screamer in general, so that alone is heart-attack inducing for a first-time parent, and no amount of coddling, singing, feeding, etc seems to help long-term. It would distract him for a moment, then the ear-splitting shrieks would start up again.

GOOD: I discovered tonight that for the last few days I'd been giving Lincoln half the recommended dosage amount of Tylenol for his weight group (every other day I'd try giving him Tylenol in case he was in pain). I gave him the correct dosage tonight and he's been snoozing soundly ever since (if anyone has any idea why this is happening, please, please enlighten me! I feel stupid calling my pediatrician to say, "My baby cries at night." "Umm . . . yes, Julia, they tend to do that").

* * * * * 
BAD: Sitting home alone (except for snoozy baby and needy cat) in the dark. 


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