Sunday, July 15, 2012

Aspen Grove

  This was my . . . seventeeth year at Aspen Grove? I think? Hard to keep track. Anyway, it's a family camp run by BYU, and it has lots to offer. I was excited for Lincoln to meet my extended family, as well as to see and experience a bunch of new stimuli. Yayyyy, new stimuli!

  Photo dump!

He's a wild, wild man.
Livi, Lincoln and I in "school", taught by my cousin's daughter, Lilly.
Lincoln's first train. If he loved or hated it, he kept that information private.

First horse ride of sorts. Livi LOVED those horses.
I love badminton. Easiest sport ever.

  I also tried pen turning, which is where you basically whittle wood into a pen with power tools. It was pretty much my first time with power tools, so I was nervous, but I managed to keep all my fingers! ("Boy is my face red. . . "--name that movie). My pen was no beauty, but I'll be able to enjoy it next time. The first time I do anything, I feel so nervous and uptight about it that I rarely feel much emotion beyond apprehension, even if I'm moderately good at it.

  Now I want to sleep. Sweet, delicious sleep. Wish it was dark out.

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