Saturday, July 14, 2012

There and Back Again . . . A Julia's Tale

  After a three week vacation extravaganza, I am back in Oregon! Feels good right now. I'll be bored out of my mind by this time next week, though.

  Week one consisted of Utah. Part of it I stayed with my Grandparents (who make THE most delicious canned peaches, by the by. Not important, but those peaches deserve a shout-out. And, um, my grandparents, too) and my mum (I've been reading some British stuff, which means I think in a British accent for a while), and I had a grand ol' time.

   We went to the Farmer's Market in Salt Lake City, where I lost my favorite cardigan, but gained a nifty onesie for Lincoln! . . . which got lost later in the week. Looking back, I'm starting to worry that Farmer's Market was cursed. I did get a RAD piece of art for my nephew for Christmas, too, though, which is NOT lost! (Ethan, look away if you ever read my blog. Which I doubt, since it lacks both Pokemon and fart jokes).

   I wanted to get one by the same artist (who is Darrell Driver, check out his stuff on etsy here or look at his website here) of a zebra pug, but limited wall space in my home, plus a lack of $20 made it a no-go. If anyone sees it again, though, snag it for me. I'll pay you back. And by "pay you back," I mean "I won't ever pay you back."

  I also FINALLY got to eat at The Melting Pot, which is a delicious and ambiance-ridden (and rather ridiculously priced) fondu place. Next time I go, I want three pots of various melted chocolate and sugary goodness to dip in it. No salad, no cheese, no broth, just CHOCOLATE. It was truly all yummy, though, and a very fun experience (thank you, mom!). Lincoln apparently dislikes Alabama accents, though, as every time our waiter showed up (complete with accent), Lincoln suddenly became inconsolable. Which just cinches it, we will never live in Alabama.

  The next part of vacation was Aspen Grove. Stay tuned. . . if you dare.


  1. I didn't know you were in Utah? Way fun! Me and the allred brothers should have come visited! But I hope we'll get to chat at the wedding!

  2. p.s. darrell driver is my good friends uncle! what a small world!

  3. Next time you're in Utah, let me know! I haven't seen you since your wedding, and before that, it was like 10 years. This must be remedied!

  4. I saw the art work in the little blurb and went "Awww man, I wish I could have gotten that for Ethan. I need to ask Julia where she got it!" Ha ha. When I read it I literally gave an audible "Wooo Whoooooo!"