Saturday, December 22, 2012

You Can Stop Now, Karma

  When it comes to traveling, I have to admit I often feel superior to McKay. I'm generally pretty organized, and I start packing about a week in advance. I make sure to write down flight numbers, bring Lincoln's passport, and I write multiple lists to remind me of any conceivable thing I need to pack.

  So when I told McKay we needed to leave by 4:30 AM and we left instead at 5:15 because McKay didn't pack in advance, I was feeling a bit huffy. How could he be so careless? I thought. This is why we've missed at least four flights in the two and a half years we've been married!

  Even though we made it to the airport just fine and there were no problems with security, I was still feeling a bit aggravated about our morning's start. So I decided to pull out my phone and ignore McKay until I reached a more zen mode. I reached into my purse and. . .

  . . . no cell phone.

  The cell phone I had made SURE to pack. The cell phone I got two months ago for my birthday from my parents and could never, ever afford to replace. The cell phone that must have fallen out of the outside pocket of my purse I stupidly placed it in.

  Gone. Gone gone gone.

  I'm not feeling so superior anymore.

  Any of you guys misplace something important to you?

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  1. So sad! I hope you find it safe at home. I forgot my makeup this trip, but luckily that's more easily replaceable.