Tuesday, December 18, 2012


  I hope I haven't appeared insensitive the last few days by blogging as if everything is normal. I am deeply troubled about current events, as I think the whole world is. We are all distressed, and all the social and news media are full of posts/articles expressing anger, depression, disbelief, as well as attempting to point the blame somewhere. Because we all want there to be a common foe we can point the finger at, something we can actively fix so something this incredibly awful never happens again.

  Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, by posting about my normal stupid life, I was trying to give those who needed a moment to forget something to read that had nothing to do with what is all on our minds. If I appeared callous, I apologize. If I was successful in trying to make your day feel a teensy bit more normal, then I apologize for bringing it up and reminding you all over again. Either way, I'll admit I'm probably a bad person.

  For those of you who are here for distraction purposes, here's a small snippet from my Sunday to appease you:

  I was enjoying a slide show in Primary when a man in our ward knelt next to me and whispered, "McKay called. Lincoln's locked in the car and McKay's keys are locked in the house."

 Now, McKay made me promise that if I blogged about this, that I had to be sure to portray him as the hero and myself as the villain. Which is why I am now going to explain how I put a gypsy curse on my son that was going to cause his nose to become bulbous and weird like mine at the strike of 10 AM, and the only way to save him from this terrible fate was for McKay to lock Lincoln in the car and himself out of the house. So, you see, he was really just doing what was best for Lincoln.

  And we all lived happily ever after, the end.


  1. Hey, is this about the comment I posted about lifeguarding and how I lost my baby? If I disturbed you in any way with that story I'm deeply sorry :( I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the correlations between our lives, please don't feel sad or think you've offended anyone Julia, your an awesome person :)

    1. No, this wasn't about your comment at all! Although I was extremely sorry to hear about your baby, I can't imagine how awful that would be. I hope you reported that scumbag! I was actually referring to the Connecticut shooting for an unrelated reason. I meant to reply to your first comment, I apologize, I had a limited amount of time to blog while Lincoln was napping.

      Thanks for being such a positive person, I'm glad you commented!

    2. I never reported him cuz I knew it would be his word over mine, even though now I deeply regret it >=/ Oh well, life goes on right? I'm also a big believer in karma and that fate won't be kind to him any time soon.

      I know the shooting in Connecticut was a horrible incident :( My mom as well as so many parents/grandparents are absolutely petrified for their kids now, and I would be too. Can't imagine the heartache of having something as tragic as that happen and to only a child. My best friend died in September 2011, at the age of 19, he was missing for 5 months before the police found his body and I remember, even though his parents are devastated their faith in God is what's keeping them strong, they know they'll meet again. If you look at it, my best friend is lucky to be celebrating Jesus's birthday with him :D I do miss him terribly though, not a day goes by that I don't think of him or the laughter and light he brought me. :,) My baby is safe now in the arms of his heavenly father.

      Also I read your post on the rude photographer, I was gonna let you know that if that were me I'd punch him out haha jk I'm sure the baby weight will come off in no time. Wow!!! Ten pounds!!! That must have hurt like crazy!!! Also make sure your not dieting too much, if you starve or deprive yourself it's quite common that your body will go into survival mode and therefore hold on to excess fat for longer. Every once in a while it's okay to splurge but i'm sure you'll be back to your beautiful post baby figure in no time :) p.s. Your already beautiful never let anyone say or make you feel otherwise <3

  2. Yeah I don't really know what to say about the shooting and stuff. On the one hand its very sad and disturbing. On the other hand there is so much in this world that's sad and disturbing that if I only focused on that I would never get to be happy. On the other hand (I'm using one of Olivia's now, since I only have two hands) I'm not sure I feel okay with people using this to further their causes of gun control or what not. Maybe its a good thing, maybe its not. I'm just not sure how I feel about it right now. . .

    I live in fear of locking my keys in the car because I only have one key. I didn't even think about the possibility of Olivia being in there! Oh shoot, better cough up that $75 to have another key made.

  3. Julia, I appreciate and need to hear of daily life outside of the tragedy. Thank you for all you write--it makes me happy.

    The car-locking incident reminded me of our former minivan. It had electrical issues which caused many oddball incidents including self-locking at randomn moments. Once Sylvie got locked in the van when she was a little toddler. People from all over the neighborhood were trying to help. The van was parked, but running, in the driveway. The good thing about the van running was that the TV in the van was still showing the movie Bambi, so Sylvie wasn't worried. The bad thing about the TV playing was that Sylvie would scowl at the neighbors and I as we tried to show her how to open the door. Eventually she wouldn't even look at us, grimly staring at the TV. Fortunately Cary left work and unlocked the door. But hey--I got to know the neighbors.