Friday, January 4, 2013

Subconscious, You've Done it Again

 While in California, I dreamed I was pregnant again. With a lion.

  And you know how your hormones go crazy when you're pregnant? Well, I kept trying to eat my friends.

  They were not pleased.

  Do you guys have any good dreams to share? I love hearing weird dream stories. Which is probably why I post so many of mine.


  1. I fell asleep today at my hospital visit (for a non stress test because my baby is huge or something. . . ) and I don't remember my dream clearly, but I know there was a rainbow colored cat. Lately I know my dreams are crazy, but I can't remember them at all!

  2. I had this one dream once that my family and I walked to Washington D.C and went to the white house and stole some books from the library. Since my sister knew the presidents daughter, we helped us escape where we spent the rest of the dream in a petting zoo.