Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Amazing Race 2013 Part 2

  Welcome back! See Part 1 here.

Caroline and Jen
  Country singers, one of whom (can't really tell them apart on the show) is the granddaughter of John Wayne, which is pretty cool. They mostly just flirt with Bates and Anthony and make poor decisions as far as I can tell. But they seem nice enough. I'll be shocked if they make it in the final three, but crazier things have happened. Like those frat boys who couldn't march making it into the final three.

Chuck and Wynona
Redneck stereotype and a half. People like this are the reason I associate southern accents with stupidity. But that's a failing on my part, I know. That said, they're nice people. Even if Chuck did haul Wynona like a sack of potatoes out of the ocean that one time.

David and Connor
Father/son team, but most dang inspiring father/son team to ever exist in the history of existingness. Both have beaten cancer, and right as they were racing Bates and Anthony for first place during the second episode, David (the father), tore his Achilles tendon. Despite that, he decided to keep racing the next leg for as long as physically possible. AND THEY FRIGGIN WON THE CRAP OUT OF IT. They know they won't be able to keep going much longer, but I really, really hope they get called back for an all-star season because they are fierce competitors. But not in an annoying way, like Jessica and John (I'll get to them).

Idries and Jamil
Twin brothers. They're already out of the race, to which I say a resounding "Duh". If you're afraid of water and heights, maybe DON'T TRY OUT FOR THE AMAZING RACE. It's just common sense. Know your limitations. I love the Amazing Race, but I know full well I'm better off as a viewer than a competitor, because I freak out when I get lost. And people get lost on this show a LOT.

Jessica and John
John weirds me out. This couple is easily my least favorite, because as terrible as Max and Katie are, at least they're entertainingly awful. Jessica and John just bug me. What was the whole "We must keep the alliance secret or it's forfeit" thing about? Ooh, ooh, and not immediately giving David and Connor the express pass when they came in second until it was obvious they were never going to make it to the finale? You guys are horrible people. And proud of it. Yuck.

Joey and Meghan
Apparently they have a very popular YouTube channel. I want to like them. I really truly do. But Joey's voice sounds like the Mad Hatter in the cartoon Alice and Wonderland, and it drives me up the wall. Also, it's nice to be positive, but relentlessly peppy people make me feel slappy after a while. Like, I'm-a slap you in the face.

  If you're watching Amazing Race this season, who are you rooting for/against?


  1. Okay I read both and I can't tell, which team is LDS? My mom told me to watch it because she's really liking it this season.

  2. David/Connor, the inspiring father/son team!