Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 1: Ten Random Facts About Myself

1. My favorite movie is "Big Fish". It's quirky, beautiful, moving, and it has Ewan McGregor. What else could you want? By the by, "Big Fish" is on Netflix now. You should watch it. It's awesome.

2. I dislike returning things. It embarrasses me, so I make McKay do it. When he refuses, I say, "Well, fine, I hope you enjoy this thing neither of us want. BECAUSE IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE." I may be a terrible wife.

3. I just realized I have a gigantic yellow-orange stain on the front of my shirt. It's likely I will not change it.

4. Three years ago, when I was engaged, I had a very specific color in mind for my bridesmaids. A color that did not appear to exist three years ago and caused all my bridesmaids to hate me as they searched in vain for this elusive color. Today, that color is everywhere.
   I'm still bitter. Not at my long-suffering bridesmaids, but at the world in general.

5. I'm a fruitaholic. Summer is my favorite month just because of the plentiful cheap fruit. Or it used to be, until I moved to a house with no air conditioning.

6. I would rather drive for ten hours than take a two hour plane ride. I'm not afraid of flying. But when you add up all the hours for plane travel, it doesn't seem like that big of a difference (to a point, of course). Let's do the math, shall we?

1.5 hours to get to airport (best case scenario)
2 hours of tram rides/getting through security/waiting
2 hour plane ride
1 hour getting luggage/going to transportation
1-2 hour ride getting to final destination
TOTAL 7.5-8.5 hours best case scenario.

  With all those added annoyances of the TSA and being trapped with coughing strangers in an uncomfortable chair I'm too polite to recline, I would just much rather drive. But now I've got a one-year old baby who hates being in the car longer than an hour. Someday I'll put him through the roadtrip ropes. But for now I'll fly.

7. I love animals. They do not love me back. Lincoln seems to have inherited this quality.

8. I re-read all of my books. A lot. I'm proud of my highly abused, near-exploding-with-capacity bookcase. If you have any recommendations, lay 'em on me. My recent favorites are the Lady Emily series (which combines historical romance without the smut and mysteries. Yeah. It's pretty awesome) and The Hollow Kingdom trilogy (which is like Twilight, but better. And with goblins.)

9. I go to a freebies website periodically and sign up for various free samples because I like getting mail. I have an awful lots of little shampoo packets.

10. Because of my dad's unusual taste, I love black jelly beans. They taste like childhood to me. However, I can't stand actual black liquorice. I think it's a texture thing.


  1. 1. I remember loving Big Fish, but its been a long time since I've seen it. Thanks for the Netflix heads up, totally going to watch it!

    4. There is good and bad about being ahead of the fashion curve, eh? I want to make a baby mobile out of felt for my etsy shop but I can't find the pretty muted colors I need. Urg.

    8. One book I love to read over and over again is Diary of a Mad Bride. I just grabbed it at Target one day because I liked the cover.

    10. Soon after Axel was born Adam bought me some black licorice as a treat. I like it, don't get me wrong, but if it was actually a treat for ME it would have been chocolate.

    1. I'll have to check out Diary of a Mad Bride, thanks!

  2. My favorite book since I was about 14 & to this day is "A Northern Light" by Jennifer Donnelly. It's the prefect coming of age tale to take place at the turn of the century where a young girl named Maddie must decide whether to pursue college our stay behind and look after her family.
    I highly recommend it to anyone :D

    1. Thanks, I'll be sure to look that up next time I'm at the library!

  3. I can't remember, have you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? Oh wait! I think we talked about it at the wedding, and you hadn't read it! You should read it :)