Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 11: A Few of My Pet Peeves

  Burping. Hate it. It's right at face-level, so you can smell it right off. Ugh.

  When McKay leaves all the cupboard doors open after looking for something. Or when he fails to clean up the hair that inevitably covers our bathroom after he cuts his own hair.

  Waking up in the morning to the house being a mess. Especially if there's a huge pile of dirty dishes. Especially if it's a Monday.

  Line cutters. I feel my blood pressure rising just thinking of line cutters. It's so friggin' rude!

  When my creativity well runs dry. Usually seems to happen when I'm in the mood to do something creative. When all I want to do is play video games or watch Netflix, I have creativity leaking out of every orifice. I'm just too lazy to do anything with it.

  Empty water bottles in the fridge. If they're empty, FILL THEM UP.

  Um. . . yeah. A lot of things bug me. I could continue, but I'll spare you.

  What are your pet peeves?

  P.S. HAPPY EASTER! McKay bought me a new battery for my laptop, which was at the point where if it wasn't plugged in, it would automatically turn off. Yayyyyy, new battery! I was in charge of the egg hunt, and thought three-four bags of candy seemed completely reasonable for two adults and one baby.

  I was wrong. So. Much. Candy.

  I'll post some video and pics another day. Because I like being weeks behind for some reason.


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  2. You better watch out for Hannah!! She has taken to burping with her mouth open and telling me she can't control it!!! ha ha!! It's like the girl on The Bachelor, "I can't control my eyebrow!" Oh, Hannah!