Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 5: Five Things That Make Me Happiest Right Now

1. Lincoln laughing. Nothing beats a good baby belly-laugh. Especially when it's your own baby.

2. Acting. The best combatant to SAHM blues is having a hobby that is purely for you.

3.  Disneyland. Ordinarily, I dislike crowds and being surrounded by people I don't know, but this never seems to bother me at Disneyland. I walk down Main Street and I let out a sigh of pleasure. It's truly therapeutic to me. It's also a drug. I selfishly dread the day my father retires and my parents inevitably move someplace more reasonably taxed than California. I honestly think I will go through Disneyland withdrawals.

4. Reading. Or just stories in general. A few months ago that I realized a common thread in my interests boils down to one thing: I love a good story. Whether that story be told on TV, in a book, play, conversation, movie, or video game, I can't resist a compelling story.

5. Sunshine. I don't think I'll ever take the sun for granted again after living in Oregon.

 I'm being unusually succinct since Lincoln and I made it to CALIFORNIA! With only one vomit incident, yayyyy! I'll try to keep blogging while I'm here, though, so don't give up on me yet.

  What makes you happiest?


  1. The sun. I realized one day when I was feeling blah and the sun came out from behind a cloud and I sighed like someone had been keeping me from breathing and suddenly I could draw breath.

  2. Laughter. Even if I'm in the other room, and there's a crowd of people in the living room talking and laughing, I am so content to just chill and listen. It's even better when they're laughing at my jokes, but sometimes I just don't have enough energy to come up with new stuff :)