Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 7: Dream Job

  I'm-a skip day 6 because the hardest thing I've ever done (besides give birth, which I've already talked about) is boring and personal.

  My dream job since the time I was seven was to be in the Utah Cedar City Shakespeare Festival. My parents took us to see Midsummer Night's Dream there and I was entranced and hooked. The beautiful outdoor stage! The costumes! The flowing words that I couldn't comprehend at all, yet understood perfectly! I wanted it. So bad.

  In middle school I joined Drama Club, but my mother and father (always the realists) informed me that if I wanted to act, I better like waiting tables. So instead in college I majored in my other passion: English. Which is soooo much more useful. This is sarcasm.  I know that with my smidgeon of acting talent, low singing ability, and nonexistent dancing skills, a life of acting would never have panned out. But once in a while I still like to pretend that it could have been.

  So now my dream job is a writer. Book author, ideally. And when I'm published someday in my magical future where I have the time and motivation to write regularly, you're all going to buy my book, right? Right??

   What's your dream job?


  1. Ahhh Julia you and I have so much in common, my folks were the same way. I had a love for theater and tried my best to pursue Drama but my parents had other plans for me and pushed me to do sports instead. Don't get me wrong though I LOVED them and nothing gets you feeling better than a good long run to get your adrenaline pumping, my sports were cross country and swimming, I also had a love for writing and in 9th grade I won an editors choice award for best poem entitled "The White Rose". Right now I'm not sure what my dream job is lol I use to wanna own my own day spa so I chose Business Administration as my major but when my best friend died while in rehab I felt an obligation to help struggling youths like him. Idk what I'll do with my degrees lol but they are a dime a dozen and a very admirable thing to have. Have you ever considered double majoring or maybe minoring in one or the other? And yes I will definately buy your book when it's published :D

    1. Sorry this took me a million years to reply, I kept trying and it wouldn't let me for a time. Stupid. Anyway, that's awesome you're good at sports! I'm incredibly uncoordinated. And I think it's really admirable you want to help people. I thought of double majoring, but at the moment I'm just trying to get my AS. I can only take one class at a time without getting incredibly overwhelmed, what with Lincoln and all.

  2. Did you know my uncle Phil is the one and only artistic director of the Shakespearean festival? I can hook a sister up!

    My dream job would probably involve colored pencils and graph paper, so interior design. :)

  3. My dream job would be writing Biographies. I love learning about people's pasts and I love true stories :) And yeah, Kim and I can totally hook you up with that Shakespeare fest. Don't give up the dream!

  4. Kellie and Kimberly, don't get my hopes up! Too painful! Maybe if I ever live in Utah again I would let you, but not now. Just . . . too much. Haha, but I'd love to read your Biographies, Kellie, and Kimberly, you are an amazing interior designer!