Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 12: A Typical Day in the Life of Julia

 This is my last week or so.

7:30 AM: Wake up from McKay throwing Lincoln on top of me before he rushes out to the bus.

7:31-8:30 AM: Try to wake up properly, get dressed, feed Lincoln crackers and Cutie oranges, breakfast of champions. I eat leftover Easter candy, even though I promised myself I wouldn't eat any until noon.

8:30 AM: Lincoln (hopefully) goes down for a nap. I put on make-up, eat real breakfast, then play video games and/or watch "Veronica Mars", which I recently became addicted to. I'm in the third season.I might prod myself into blogging.

10:30 AM: Lincoln wakes up. I feed him some more, do dishes, clean up, play with Lincoln, etc. I also do errands around this time.

1:00 PM: Bored. Go on walk and talk to Mom (or friends occasionally) on phone for about an hour.

3:00 PM: Lincoln has second nap if I'm lucky. More video games/"Veronica Mars".

4:00 PM: If I'm feeling productive, start getting dinner together while feeding Lincoln more finger foods. At this point of the day, I'm wearing down the clock.

6:00 PM: Lincoln goes to bed. I waste time.

7:00 PM: McKay comes home from work. We eat dinner if I was feeling motivated enough to cook. If I'm in a good mood, he nags me into playing a board game or something. If it was a bad day, he lets me veg until bed.

9:30 PM: Reading, then bedtime.

   I'm a boring person, sorry. Some days I'm more interesting, but my excuse is that coming home from vacation is hard, and I'm just trying to survive Lincoln's never-ending teething; I tried counting his teeth today (I know he has at least 10, but I think it may be in the 12-14 range), and he bit me. That really hurt, Charlie.


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