Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 13: Five Weaknesses I Have

1. Self control. Especially when it comes to food. You may have seen my latest facebook post, in which I discussed the current sociopolitical climate. Haha! Just kidding. I talked about how I thought I burned my tongue, but it turned out I ate too many sweet tarts from Easter. But not only did I eat vast amounts of sweet tarts; I couldn't even begin to tell you how many fun-sized Hersheys, Kit-Kats, Whoppers, Reese's Eggs (they're better in egg shape), and Cadburry Mini Eggs I've eaten over the past four days. I actually feel sick at the idea of eating more chocolate. IT FINALLY HAPPENED. Anyway, yeah, self control. Need it.

2. Science. I think McKay secretly thinks I'm stupid because every time he starts talking about his work my mouth gapes open and a little drool comes out as the chemistry jargon does a jig over my head. But I'm truly not stupid. Math isn't my best, but I got an "A" in the online College Algebra course I took a few terms ago. If you don't know what an achievement that is, you've never taken an online math class. I also got straight A's through most of high school, ending with over a 4.0 GPA when I graduated. Anyway, I'M NOT STUPID. I'm just bad at science. I can memorize all the terms, but what they really mean makes no sense to me. Does not compute.

3. Getting the last word. I need to let things go.

4. Being "in the moment". I get really distracted by all the electronic thingies that I like so much, so it's hard for me sometimes to be in the here-and-now. I really enjoy Waterton (a small Canadian town we go to every summer if you're new here) because there's not really another option but being present.

5. Walking. Or basically anything to do with my feet, I am very uncoordinated. In high school people took my uncoordinatedness as a "saunter", and would judge me accordingly. One boy in PE told me that from my walk he thought I either must be a total B, or that I just didn't care about anything. Really, I just don't know how to walk correctly.

  What are your weaknesses?


  1. The sweet tart tongue burn. Get's me every year.

  2. Your weakness post was very poignant to me today. It has been a day for me to reflect, or perhaps be forced to examine in detail, my own weaknesses. . .so, since you asked, here are mine:
    1. Overanalyzing every situation.
    2. Hiding my emotions. I am an open book. At the worst possible times.
    3. letting other people be in control
    4. balance. It is all or nothing for me. Feast or famine. Marathons or hoarders.
    5. routine. I cannot stick with it. I am the queen of trying new things. . . and then quitting them.