Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 16: My Five Greatest Accomplishments

  This one is hard for me. Partly because my sense of humor leans more toward the self-deprecating, and partly because I honestly can't think of much. As McKay said when I asked for ideas, most things that you're proud of don't have a seal of completion like a boy scout's badge.  But I'll try to give it a whirl anyhows.

  1. I'm over a hundred pages in my book. They're not great pages, and they're going to get gutted because I've finally gotten around to nailing down the plot (which is possibly an even bigger accomplishment for me), but I'm still proud of those hundred pages. I've never made it that far before. Baby steps.

  2. Being a stay at home mom. It's hard. It's repetitive to a point where I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round that's slowly making me queasy. I'm lonely a lot of the time. But it IS rewarding, and I'm proud of myself, not for being the best mom in the world, but for being a good enough mom.

  3. My blog. It's not incredibly popular, but I'm glad it appears to bring a few people smiles and giggles.

  4. Learning to cook. This sounds kind of lame, but before being married to McKay, I was incredibly clueless as to how to cook. Seriously, the idea of boiling rice terrified me. Heck, LOOKING at pots terrified me. Like, "What is this magic vessel and what does it signify?". Which is weird, because I knew how to make brownies from scratch when I was seven, but I somehow forgot any basic training I ever had once I was in college. I was freaked out I would be a bad cook, so I didn't want to try and prove myself right. That's a bad habit of mine. But, as it turned out, once I got started it wasn't so bad. I should probably do it more often (I only cook probably 3-4 nights a week), but babies zap energy like nobody's business. Plus, dishes, you know?

  5. Still continuing my education. I haven't graduated yet, and I'll be getting my Associates rather than Bachelors, but I'm still proud of the one class I take a term, and the fact that I do well in those classes. Again, baby steps.

  I guess what you can take away from my list is that you can be proud of the process rather than the completed project. Not that finishing isn't awesome, but isn't just continuing the journey something to be admired?

   I have to feel that way, anyway.

  What are your accomplishments, completed or no?

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  1. Graduating from BYU, Getting married, Olivia, Axel, having my students win first place at state in an interior design competition. I suppose the last one isn't really MINE, but I coached them. . .