Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 17: One Thing I Wish I Was Great At

Trying new things.

I hate it.

I'm one of those people who orders the same thing every time I go to a restaurant.

I like vacationing at the same places (like Waterton and Disneyland).
At a place I love with people I love. Perfect.
I like hanging out with the same people that I enjoy.

I have no desire to skydive.

I don't like getting lost in cities I've never been to.

I don't like meeting new people.

I wish I did. I honestly do. Especially being married to McKay, who thrives on doing new things. He's always up for an adventure. But the problem is, the first time I do something, I'm so freaked out inside that I rarely enjoy it. Reminiscing about it later is far more fun for me than actually experiencing it. If I do an activity/go somewhere/do whatever it is enough, then it becomes familiar and I know what I'm doing and I can relax and enjoy it. But it takes a while. And McKay usually doesn't want to do whatever new activity we're doing even a SECOND time, let alone enough times for me to be comfortable with it. So when we're doing an activity, generally he's either slightly bored or I'm uncomfortable.

  So I wish I were good at trying new things.

  And please don't give me the "if you do new things often enough, you'll learn to enjoy it!" speech.
 It's not true.

  You can't make me you with enough practice. It's just my genetic make up. So I say this with love, but--
back off, extroverts.

  I'll still try new things.

  I just wish I liked it.

What do you wish you were good at?


  1. Love this! On our honeymoon I told Adam, "I wish I liked doing activities, but I'd rather be reading by the pool. I'm sorry, I'm just a low energy person." And his words: How can we change that? So I'm stealing your quote: You can't make me you with enough practice.

    New things that I struggle with are more like tasks I've never done and don't want to look stupid as I try to figure it out. Drive throughs, car washes, drive through banking. . . I guess its mostly things you have to drive through. Weird.

    1. And by the way, I've done all those things now, but it took some time.

    2. Oh my gosh, YES. A big part of my inner freaking out is worried that I look stupid because I don't know what I'm doing. I feel very uncomfortable figuring things out. Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. I wish I was better at dancing.
    I know how you feel. I get that way when I'm doing something I'm not comfortable with. Like Trampolines. I don't like them.