Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did You Miss Me?

  You know what's been kind of nice?

   Not blogging.

   You know. Doing activities for the sake of doing them, rather than because I know it would make a good blog post. Not fretting about page views, comments, or other crap that--really? Does not matter. In the slightest.


  . . . At least for today. I'm bored, and backed up in photos, so I'm going to UPDATE THE BEJEEBERS OUT OF YOU GUYS. I'm going to write as many as I can while McKay's meeting with the missionaries (he's ward mission leader thingy. That equates to lots and lots of meetings and lessons and stuff. Usually it's my video game time, but since I already played a crazy amount today, I thought I'd do something slightly more productive. I'll end these parentheses now.) Uh, yeah, that sentence got away from me (DOCTOR WHO QUOTE! Speaking of, I dreamed David Tennant was my gynecologist last night. He was just as sweet as you'd imagine. But even so, I was incredibly relieved when McKay woke me up before the actual exam. BACK TO THE SENTENCE). But, yeah, anyway, I'm going to write as many as I can tonight, and post one a day, so you guys can get into the groove of, you know, checking out this page once in a whiles again. (PARENTHESIS, RIGHT?! What is my deal with them?)

 Twenty minutes later: Hmm. I remember why I started hating blogging now. Uploading photos and editing them sucks up time like a Kirby vacuum salesman.

  *tapping fingers against invisible counter*


Okay, guys. Zero done last night. I'm still going to try to update the crap out of this blog, though. So stay tuned. To tide you over, here are some outtakes from our Christmas photo:

Lincoln kept trying to snuggle me. Which was adorable, but hard to keep a straight face for. And smiles pretty much ruin the whole get-up.
  And then Lincoln lost it. It was past his naptime, and things just went downhill really fast. I like my "concerned" face that looks mildly amused. Because that's what kind of mom I am, folks.


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