Friday, January 17, 2014

Lincoln is Two!

The double-pick. This was in response to McKay asking for Lincoln to do a karate chop. Not sure how it followed, but sure.
Talking-wise, Lincoln prefers gibberish for the most part. But he CAN say a variety of words, including animal sounds ("woof" was his first word, after all), various vehicles (BUS!) (although he calls "cars" "kanye"s, which worries me for obvious reasons), and the only number he will oblige us by counting: "two". When we ask him to count to three, he says, "Two . . . two . . . TWO!". You'd think this would work out well with his being two now and all, but when we ask him how old he is, he looks at us in resentful confusion.

   If Lincoln's current interests are any indication, he will either grow up to be a stunt man or a bus driver. One of the two. Yesterday while babysitting, Lincoln's main source of entertainment was jumping off the couch, head-first. I was concerned for the first two thunks; after that I just went back to watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Baby Grinch is probably the creepiest thing ever, by the way.
In case you didn't see it on facebook, I give you Baby Bed Head! One of my genes in action.
   Lincoln is very friendly, especially to cars. While walking to the park a few days ago, he stopped every few seconds to wave to the cars coming down the street. He would then call, "Bye!" and continue on his way.
 Lincoln just figured out how to open baby locks. Literally, like, thirty seconds ago. This terrifies me. He already knows how to open the fridge. Nothing is sacred anymore.
Lincoln trying to clip his nails. But more importantly, how adorable is he in a vest?
   Lincoln's favorite foods: fruit snacks, fruit, carrots, and cereal. Sometimes a turkey sandwich with the works (which means with lettuce and stuff). Those are basically the only foods he eats. Oh, and chocolate.
One of Lincoln's few words is "Elmo". Speaking of, is anyone else seriously concerned about Mr. Noodle? I think he may be a danger to himself.
   Lincoln is now able to: put train tracks together by himself (as long as I remind him that he IS able to do it by himself), peel an orange, and blow kisses. He doesn't kiss us himself anymore. Now when we ask for kisses, he just extends his cheek for us to kiss. Like royalty.
The double binky. When one is no longer enough.
   One of Lincoln's major concerns: food temperature. If it is remotely warm when he puts it to his face, he insists for the rest of the meal that it's "hot", and it's a wash.
  Lincoln used to say "I love you" when prompted word-for-word. But now he anticipates us and cuts right to the chase. When we say, "Can you say 'I'?" he just says, "you."
My baby has a drinking problem.
  Despite my best intentions, Lincoln loves trains. I really, really wanted to have the one boy who was not obsessed with trains and tractors and all that typical boy stuff, but . . . *sigh* The heart wants what the heart wants, I guess.
That's one way to do it.
A few of the genes Lincoln got from me: My wicked awesome bed head, my nonexistent dancing skills, and my resentment when someone calls me out on my crap.Great genes, one and all.
This pose is just . . . I can't even.
  Some of McKay's genes: The inability to look away from the comforting glow of the television. Also, the need to DO stuff. Also, liking people.
Like the zombie of English muffins. Mmmmm . . . jelly.
  A gene Lincoln got from both of us: supreme weirdness. It's my favorite of his genes.
  We love you, Lincoln! Even though you're somehow already a toddler, you will always be my baby. But not in a creepy way, like those moms that seriously can't deal with their kids aging, and they make them act like babies even when they're adults. That's not going to happen. Because I love you too gosh darn much.

  Happy birthday! You know, a couple days ago. You're the best, and I love you.


  1. Happy birthday Lincoln!!! Love the two binkis. Olivia used to do that. Probably still does. She has to have all three at night to sleep.

  2. Lincoln sounds awesome, but that was bound to happen, you are awesome.