Sunday, May 18, 2014

Portland, Take Two. Or Three? I Forget

  For our fourth wedding anniversary, McKay and I decided to make a day of Portland. You may recall that Portland used to scare us a bit. But since that fateful, moon-filled day, we've become slightly more accustomed, and even knew whereabouts some fun things were.

  We stopped at the temple first, and walked around the grounds with Lincoln. He loved the fountains especially.

  Once in the downtown Portland area, we started at the Saturday's Market, which is chocked full with weird and wonderful finds.
 Bug eye baby!
 These shadow boxes were even more beautiful and strange in person.
 Lincoln LOVES hats. Unless he's supposed to wear it. But he seriously freaked out when we didn't buy this hat.
  Lincoln liked dancing to the performer. So did a drunk woman. She put on quite a show.

  After the market, we headed to Blue Star Donuts. Everyone here is crazy about Voodoo donuts, because they have amusing names and interesting toppings. Blue Star Donut, though, is the gourmet version of donuts. We really should have bought a water, though. My mouth practically burned from that crazy sweet consumption.

  We also headed over to Powell's, an amazingly huge used bookstore. I keep a list of books that I've checked out from the library that I would like to own someday, so I was able to check off quite a number of items off that list. I really liked the store, but next time I'd like to try going on a weekday. It was so crowded it was impossible to get the stroller through the tight isles, and some sections you were dancing around people. This is a place of introverts, why is it so claustrophobic?! But, really, it was awesome.

  So, Portland, I've become accustomed to you. Turns out your bark is worse than your bite. And you seriously have a crazy amount of donut shops, which is cool.

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