Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Aside from my extended family reunion at Aspen Grove and more immediate family reunion in Canada, McKay and I also had a reunion for his side of the family in Colorado! Now that we have to pay for Lincoln's plane tickets, too, we did the math and realized that it would be considerably cheaper for us to road trip our merry little way to Colorado. Driving was about twenty-two hours ONE WAY, more with breaks. I was a teensy bit worried since Lincoln has not had the same road trip-heavy childhood as I experienced in my youth, and I fully expected to be pulling over every hour so he could run around. But THANK HEAVEN for portable DVD players! I think he was the best traveler of all of us with "Cars" there to entertain him. Over and over and over.

  We did have one mishap, though. McKay was spending his non-driving time sketching (how he did it--and so well!--in a moving car is beyond me), so he had some really, really sharp pencils lying around. At one rest stop, Lincoln was walking through the car, and started screaming, so I turned around to see the pencil sticking out of his heel. It was stuck in so far I had to physically pull it out, and Lincoln was (understandably) freaked out. Heck, I was freaked out. We put a band aid on his battle wound, but he kept trying to pull it off, so the rest of the trip was made with one sock on. It was too hot for both.

 Also, no pants. Screw that.

   Colorado is always fun because McKay's mom is excellent at planning. Every day there was something fun to do, including a repeat favorite from last year that I can't remember the name of. Mining Town? Something like that. Anyway, it's one of those magical places that makes every member of the party sign a waver, due to attractions like this:

  This jungle-gym type attraction goes up three stories. When I went on it last year, the workers were not aware that you could  cinch up the tether. Meaning, if I fell, I would likely break a leg, but probably avoid death. Which certainly gives added adrenaline to trying to make your way across a line of swinging ropes. I opted not to do it again this year, as I was jelly-legged the rest of the day after my experience last year.

  There are also hamster balls you can crawl in and play on a small water area. They're fun for about thirty seconds, and then you're exhausted. By the time they drag you back, you're light-headed from the built-up carbon dioxide in your bubble, not to mention the strong smell of feet. Because we're good parents (*snort*), we decided to see if Lincoln would enjoy this experience.

  He did not.

 Blowing up the bubble is extremely loud and startling when you're inside. They immediately deflated Lincoln's bubble after blowing it up. Poor guy.

  To make up for the trauma, Lincoln went on the train four or five times. Trains are good.

Ben photobombing.
The large blow-up slide was also a favorite.

  Crashing hard after playing hard. McKay's brother, Spencer, and his lovely wife, Nikki. And Lincoln.

   I didn't take any pictures while we were in their beautiful cabin in the mountains, unfortunately, but that's always a highlight. 

  We had such a good time visiting with McKay's family! Forty-four hours on the road well-spent.

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  1. Haha, that face of Lincoln in the bubble. Before I read your caption, I thought "He did not."

    And that's totally what you said!

    Get out of my brain, Julia.