Friday, August 22, 2014

Waterton 2014

  I love Waterton. I think it's the closest thing in the real world to Disneyland's Main Street, USA. Which is ironic since it's in Canada. It's not that the houses look like the ones that characterize Disneyland's idealistic small town (darn), but that same happy feeling that characterizes Main Street also pervades Waterton.

  Everything seems happier there. There are countless fun activities. The air even seems fresher there.

  This year one of my favorite things was the way Lincoln's cousins played so nicely with him. In the two weeks we were there his speaking ability got exponentially better with the other kids playing and talking with him all day. I was so grateful to them and how inclusive they were, it made my heart grow three sizes. Like the Grinch.

  McKay also took on the famous Crypt hike this year, which takes ALL DAY. I hear it's beautiful and it's got amazing varieties in its landscape . . . But I'm a wienie, and I'd rather do something that doesn't leave me with the inability to walk the next day (that sounds like an exaggeration. It's not). So I opted out.
 I love my dorky family.
 This is James' default facial expression.

 I did go on a couple hikes, but they we called them "nature walks" because "hiking" sounds hard.


  The only thing I dislike about Waterton is that my body has become conditioned to crave sugar there. Last year dad made cinnamon bread EVERY DAY. And I ate about half a loaf EVERY DAY, with liberal butter. Mmmmmm . . . I'm salivating just thinking of it. We also routinely go out for ice cream, and my mother and sister, Nicole, are both excellent bakers, so we routinely have irresistible desserts just BEGGING to be eaten as well. For a place where exercise is never more easy (or enjoyable!) I always gain a rather ridiculous amount of weight. C'est la vie. Hehe, I just wrote french! Like a fancy person!

   P.S. Did you see on facebook that I finished my book? I totally did. I'm editing it, and you know what? It's not that bad. It definitely could use some improvement, but I'm not depressed and thinking I was stupid to even attempt writing a book. I'm ridiculously excited by that.


  1. You know when mothers tell their kids not to make faces or they'll get stuck that way? Those two pictures of me could be used as proof.

    Also, in that picture with me and Nicole by the lake, I seem to be striking a sultry lady pose. Or something.

    I look odd, is what I'm saying.

    ALSO! BOOK! I'm so excited for you! And excited for me, when I get to read it!

  2. I've been in Lancaster for 8 days and I can't not eat like a teenager when I'm here. I know what you mean, conditioned to eat sugar. I just HAVE to eat all the yummy treats. I did SO GOOD on my last vacation not to over do it. No such luck when stronger forces prevail.

  3. "Nature walks" is such a happier name. I would never do Crypt either, that's why we're good Waterton buddies! I can' wait to read your book!