Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Being Creepy and Obsessive 101

For a long time, I preferred the times when I didn't have my eye on anyone. This is because I turn into a crazy psychotic weirdo when I do like someone. I'm not as bad as some of my also weird-obsessive friends--One of them dressed up as the boy she liked for Halloween (the funny thing is, she gets creeped out when guys do anything that shows they like HER. So I say, "Rachel [name changed to protect the odd], you dressed up as Jake [name changed to protect the stalked] for HALLOWEEN!" and she replies, "Yes, but I know I'M weird!"). But I've done my fair share of Google searches and facebook stalking. Often a song they mention they like becomes my new favorite. My journal entries get extremely repetitious and progressively stupider. In short, I become a freak. So, like I said, I preferred not to like anyone, because I know how creepy I can get.
It's not AS BAD anymore, but I still get obsessive sometimes. Mostly over things that are idiotic beyond reason. Like when I went to that Rooney/Tally Hall concert over Thanksgiving break. I spotted Bora, a guy who makes many Tally Hall videos and is hilarious/awesome. Let me clarify, he is not in the band. He is not famous, except to a very select few (and by "select few" I mean my best friend Cara and I). But I could not stop freaking out. I tried. I really did try. But every few seconds, I had to whip my head around, surveying the room, making sure he was still where he was last I checked. I would then say, "Cara, I REALLY want to talk to Bora! I love him!" and Cara would say, "Then let's GO!" which would send me into a minor panic attack and I would commence spewing out excuses about how he was with friends, that one girl he talked to was probably a jealous girlfriend, and I didn't want to seem like a crazy person (even though I am). This sequence happened at least a dozen times. Eventually we both slipped closer and closer to his group, waiting, watching for an opening. . . I was about to give up and just take a stalker photo of him from afar when Cara called out, "Bora!". God bless you, Cara.
Anyway, Bora was extremely nice, and agreed to take a photo with us. I love him. And my boyfriend will probably never read this, so I think I'm safe to say that (he only gets jealous of cartoon characters, anyway. Like when I say Demetri from Anastasia is hot). I have no clue how to add pictures to a blog, but I did try to figure it out so you could see the fruits of my craziness and Cara's brazenness (I have crazy eyes in the photo. That whole night I could not for the life of me smile like a human being).
My latest obsession is Divine Comedy sketches on youtube. Especially ones with Matt, he cracks me up; if he didn't look and sound slightly like an elf, my wonderful boyfriend might have reason to be worried. Nah, not really. My boyfriend is awesome. And he puts up with me facebook stalking him all the time, AND he laughed with me when I found a blog (via Google)that talked about him! Where am I going to find another boy like that? He's great stuff. Thanks for putting up with the crazy, if you ever do end up reading this.

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  1. Isn't it just so much fun to Facebook stalk? And when I see that the guy has tons of comments from girls I'm like "Well, he's a player! It'll never work out between us" even though I JUST met him the day before. We talked once or whatever and I'm already predicting our future. ha ha. And God bless you too Julia. God bless you too.