Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boogers, Wedgies, and More!

I observed a group of preschool children a few weeks back for two hours as part of a Child Development assignment. Here's a list of some of the funnier things I wrote down:
-Owen calls another boy until he looks so he can pretend to shoot him with his hand.
-Group of girls compare juice boxes; "I got orange, TOO!" (orange was the only flavor)
-Leader: "Do you like to excercise?" Child: "My cousin does." Leader: "Do you?" Child: "No."
-Girls yell at boys when they throw blocks. "They always do that! They always do that!"
-Brennan picks wedgie, then picks booger while talking to Catherine
-Leader: "Have you ever been in a crowd when you're walking?" Child: "NO!" [laughter from other children. WORLD'S. FUNNIEST. JOKE.
-Brennan picks another booger with his tongue.
-Ian tells Owen to watch him (repeatedly), then hits himself in the head and says in a deep voice, "Hey, who hit me?" (repeatedly).
-Ian yells "OW!" while smiling (not sure why), then acts as if his milk has poisoned him.
-Girl picks nose, eats booger.

I think a lot can be learned from this. Let us all be like unto little children, and freely eat our boogers and hit ourselves in the head. The world would be a better place.

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