Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nerdvana, Population: Two??

Well, as probably all of you who are actually bored enough to read my drivel know, I am somehow engaged! In true nerd form, it involved my being kidnapped my ninjas (blindfolded and handcuffed, no less), dressing up in a Victorian dress while my adorable fiance donned a Darcy-like outfit, complete with white tights and a silk shirt (Mmm. . . Must admit, really liked that shirt), a bottle of Martinelli's we were unable to get open, waltzing (tripping) to the original orchestra version of Sleeping Beauty, all on the set to "Jonah" at the Scera theater! Does he know me, or what?? Except for the ninja thing, of course. Not even I am that nerdy, that was all McKay.Oh, and did I mention that my engagement ring cost a quarter? I really like that. And I'm not even being sarcastic, it was completely my idea! Though my poor boy spent thirty bucks in quarters getting one he thought was "classy" enough (silly boy, since when is a plastic gem in an adjustable band ever "classy"?)I truly love it, though. I just wish I wasn't terrified it's going to catch on something and rip in half. Ahh, the symbolism! (that is what I will inevitably yell when this happens)
So far, my big ideas for the wedding include seafoam and orchids. That's about it because I'm having too much fun clicking through millions of pictures of anything wedding-related to make up my mind. Oh, and the date is (most likely) May 1, and we're thinking San Diego temple. There's some other floating details, but I doubt anyone is as enthusiastic to hear about them as I am to tell them, so I'll spare you, my poor, sweet readers. All four of you.


  1. I, being one of the four, want to know more details. I love juicy, (and mostly boring to people other than me) wedding details. So, bring it on, I say, bring it ON!!!

  2. I would also love to hear wedding news.

  3. orchids?! YES!!! That will be fantastic!