Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding Details and My Kingdom for a Popsicle

My throat hurts like no other. The best remedy for this that I could possibly think of would be a smoothie/Popsicle, but alas, my sweet roommate has already sacrificed all of her Otter Pops for my cause and they are no more.
Anyhoo, I thought I'd update you people who insist they actually want to know wedding junk. Decided against orchids, as they are hecka expensive, and I'm becoming quite attracted to yellow roses, or perhaps renoncules. We got a decorator that is very good at making indoor receptions look like they're outdoors, which I think is awesome. Complete with glowing orb thingymagigies and twinkle lights!
I also picked my ring last weekend. I love big rings, but I don't really care what's it's made of, as long as it's pretty and me. Whatever "me" is. So, to get to it, it's a large aquamarine (about as big as my thumb nail if I recall correctly, but it's probably much smaller) surrounded by little diamonds. The band kinda splits in two, then comes together (when it's split, it also has tiny diamonds). Anyway, I think it's beautiful, and the price was pretty darn excellent! Dad told me aquamarines don't last super long, but that's why we have a gem cutter in the family, yes?
I have my dress, and it is also amazingly beautiful. It makes me feel like a 50's movie star. It shows off my waist (probably one of my better features), and we got a jacket for it with a cool retro neckline that I'd loved on another dress I nearly got.
Oh, also, I had to switch temples. San Diego is having major scaffolding May 1st, and it was really more inconvenient. So, Los Angeles it is! They called me the other day--I can't wear my dress inside (it's ivory), and I found out if it doesn't have actual sleeves, I can't wear it when I leave the temple, either! Dun dun dunnnn! I have a jacket that will modest-ify it, but they've had issues with girls taking them off and junk, so now sleeves are a requirement, even with jacket. Leave it to a few jerkfaces to mess it up for the rest of us! So, I guess I'll just get the stupid freaking sleeves, but still get the jacket (which I think looks better than added sleeves).
I think that's about it for my wedding news at the moment, I know you people just eat up every detail of my life. (This is sarcasm, don't mistake it for pride please)

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  1. I, for one, am glad for the wedding updates! I am nosy, so sue me! Don't really sue me, I have no money. Not even enough for an aquamarine when yours goes out. I did once watch the movie, Aquamarine. Stupid.
    I can't wait to see your dress, and your ring. Also, I love ranunculus. Just saying.
    Good luck with all the plans and don't stress too much. It will be beautiful!