Friday, February 26, 2010

"Why Can't You Just Agree With Me That Utah Peope Are Annoying??"

This is what I said to my too-kind fiance the other day. I think my animosity towards Utahns (Utards) has risen of late due to my job at Spoon It Up. The other workers are all so stereotypical, I almost want to gag telling you what their names are: Callie, Allie, Molly, Carly. And Asia and Tadum, who don't fit the pattern exactly, but you catch my drift. These girls giggle and talk animatedly when together and when I enter the room... (*cricket cricket*). A couple of them are pretty nice, but for the most part, I feel like they want to chop me into bits and put me in a little plastic container for another yogurt topping. (please don't let my ranting put you off Spoon It Up, it is incredibly delicious and at a very good price. And I'm not just saying this out of loyalty to my awesome bosses, I really do like the product)
Anyhoo, as McKay and I were driving to Target to register for our wedding (yes, we are incredibly original), I was ranting about how annoying it is that people in Utah are so fitness-obsessed. You can't go anywhere without some joggers or bicyclists popping up out of no where. And the worst are the girls who say something along the lines of, "Oh my GOSH, I just ate a WHOLE thing of fries, I SO need to go to the gym, like, pronto." I want to bash them in the head with my notebook (I'm assuming I'm on campus, where this kind of thing is very common) and yell, "STOP MAKING ME LOOK BAD!!"
I think I'll feel better when I transfer. It really must be BYU, because I didn't feel this animosity at UVU. Or maybe it's just strengthened with time. Either way, I keep chanting to myself just two more months, just two more months. Hopefully I can make it that long without being charged for assault via notebook. Gosh, I hate Utah.

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  1. I think it's just Utah Valley. I wasn't super happy their either, but I got things like "You? YOU are married." like I'm some kind of super freak. I guess if I ate Five Guys fries I would feel like I needed to work out too (they were just featured on Yahoo because there are 1450 calories in a large). I digress. Things will be better. Life gets better. Hang in there.