Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sucky at the Techy

Hey, my blog is unfashionably bare of pictures and junk, and it's driving me nuts. I want to do this stuff, but I'm not good at computer stuff. I'm afraid to mess around with it and screw something up royally. So, any of you who have a blog and know what you're doing--help? Please?


  1. Step by Step :D

    1. Go to your "dashboard"
    2. Click on New Post
    3. I would suggest you write your post first, but it doesn't matter. Click the third button going right to left. It looks like a picture.
    4. Click on "Browse"
    5. double click on the picture you want
    6. You can add 5 pictures, max, at a time.
    7. Choose how you want your pictures to be arranged. I find left and center to be the easiest to deal with
    8. click "upload image"
    9. WAIT before you exit out of the box the pops up. wait until it prompts you to click the "done" button. do so.
    10. you can drag pictures where ever you want to within your post. but, it takes a while. it goes little by litte, you have to be patient with it

    Note that the pictures will load backwards. so if you have a specific picture you want first, and you dont want to mess with it too much inside of your post, make sure it is the last picture you ask it to upload.

    Hopefully this was somewhat helpful!!

  2. This is very helpful, but when I tried, it won't let me browse my pictures :(