Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Surprisingly Good Weekend

So, I actually somewhat enjoyed work on Saturday night. For those of you who don't know me well and hear me complain daily, this is a big deal. The new co-worker was so. . . bearable! And I got hit on--FINALLY! Poor guy looked so embarrassed when I told him I was engaged, but hey, ego boost!Crazy times with missing receipt paper, running out of pretty much every flavor, and drug dealers giving me a hundred dollar bill for which I had no change, but other than that, it was quite fun. OOH, and guess who came in??
Will Rubio. THE Will Rubio. Okay, I realize most of you (all of you?) have no idea who I am talking about--He was in Divine Comedy. Four years ago. And of course, when he asks me--ME of all people--if he can have a sample cup so he can try out the yogurt, I blush and stutter like a crazy person.
"You. . . are you in, I mean, were you in, uh, in, uh, Divine Comedy?"
"What? Oh, wow. Like, four years ago."
"Um. . . Yeah. I kinda, um, grew up with Divine Comedy. Ha ha."
Needless to say, his hot date was a little weirded out by me, and he only tried one flavor and beat it. I have that affect on semi-almost-famous people. Crazy Julia strikes again!
So, curses on Cara, she knows me too well. She shared with me something magical. "A Very Potter Musical". I stayed up til four AM because I couldn't turn the freaking thing off. I knew even as I was watching that I was going to pay the next day. And, sure enough, this morning I wanted to die. I could not keep my eyes open, my brain could not process anything anyone was saying to me, and I couldn't stop sneezing/sniffling. Enter awesome fiance. He took me home, made me soup, and read me my favorite book while I was bundled up in my coziest blanket until I fell asleep. Doesn't get much better than that on days you feel like junk. Thanks, love.
So, for those of you who want to experience "A Very Potter Musical", follow this link for the first installment. I must warn you, however, if this were in theaters, it would get a PG-13 rating, so use caution. Hope your weekend was as surprisingly good as mine!

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