Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Look and New Illness

Who knew figuring out how to make a blog cute could be so freaking frustrating?
Well, only if you're me, anyway. For a nerd, I really am hopeless when it comes to technology.
I downloaded a virus the other day because my computer crashed and this thing popped up saying I needed to download this security thing RIGHT NOW or my computer would basically explode. So, freaked out and gullible, I did it. 
I know, those of you with an IQ above 30 are rolling their eyes right about now.
Anyway, long story short, McKay  ended up wiping my computer for me. After copying some of my more important documents, of course. Except for my music. I completely forgot about that aspect. My hard-earned music library. . . gone. All gone.
In bigger news, I am now endowed and I had my wedding dinner!
I am excited to go back to the temple, 
mostly so I have an opportunity to redeem myself. I nearly passed out, 
I thought it was dehydration, but I was having the same problems this morning, so must be a bug or something.
The wedding dinner was fabulous, it was so nice to see family and have a nice dinner!

My favorite parts included:
  • My little cousin Anna yelling, "Good job, Grampa!" after he said the prayer.
  • My Grandpa Bud smiling and telling me how beautiful I looked.
  • Having a discussion with my family on the value of HGTV shows (Divine Design = nice, but doesn't show the how-to, Design on a Dime and Trading Spaces = Disaster 90% of the time)
  • McKay agreeing to switch plates with me so it looked like I ate most of my dinner (I needed room for my creme brulee!)
  • Lots of hugs from people I love.
  • My Dad telling me how proud he is of me.
I wish it weren't Sunday so I could guilt-trip someone into buying me Five Guys fries.


  1. I loves the new look! And I wish I could've gone to the temple with you, I'm sure you looked beautiful. I'll help you re-build your music library :)

  2. Wish we could have been there, then I could have commented that Sarah's House on HGTV is like Divine Design meets Design on a Dime. Shows you how but turns out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Can't wait to buy a new house to try out all her ideas (okay some, I don't have her budget). I think you should invest in an external hard drive! Plus we are also crazy proud of you and can't wait to see you (and all of us, I guess) sealed to McKay! Love you

  3. I'm all about your blog look and your blog content. I had no idea such beauty could be combined with such nerdom. Congrats on the upcoming wedding:D