Monday, April 19, 2010

Meeting With Decorator, Round Two

 Yesterday at church, I saw the mother of a bride who had had the same decorator as me. This bride's wedding was the REASON I wanted this decorator (her reception was GORGEOUS), so I went up and asked if the decorator had scared her. Surprised, she said no and asked why I was intimidated. I told her the whole story and she got more and more worked up in my behalf. By the end of the conversation, she insisted we call her up. I had no idea what my reception was going to look like, what the colors were going to be, ANYTHING.
Thank goodness for her.
The decorator was very nice and had a lot of great ideas--what the freak?? 
My reception isn't going to be like I'd originally planned, but that's fine. I had wanted more of a fun, modern-y type wedding, but my decorator really specializes in the more romantic type of reception. This really suits my dress better, anyway, so I'm fine with that. The only thing I'm a little sad about is that the seafoam is no more. I really should've called it "minty green", that's really what I wanted. But the decorator leaned more towards the teal, which is my old favorite color, so I'm alright with it. So, teal and light yellow are basically the colors now, with some coral thrown in. Which may sound a little weird, but trust me, it's cuter than it sounds!

  In other HUGE news, apparently the place I'm getting my cake, "Nadia's Cakes" may be featured on  the new TLC show "Fabulous Cakes" or something like that, and it happens that they may use MY cake on the show! If they picked it, I'd get a 5 or 6 layer cake, decked out WAY more for the same price! Oh, and I'D GET TO BE ON TLC!!!! I LOVE TLC!! He he he. . . How awesome is that??
  I haven't heard back from her yet, but apparently they look for couples with a cute story and picture, too. I know fo sho that our picture is awesome, and I wrote about how McKay proposed, so hopefully that's got enough "interest"! Bah ha ha, I'm so giddy!

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