Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oooooh, Dear. . .

So, today (technically yesterday at this hour) was McKay's and my one year anniversary. So how did we spend it? Getting our engagement interview done and a Passover dinner. We're so wild and wacky, it's RE-donkulus.
So, here's our statistics for the past year:
Number of times been to Disneyland: once.
Number of times wrestling over something neither of us really cares about: at least a dozen.
Number of times I've threatened to kill him: I'd say well into 6 digits (it's a joke, it's a joke, calm down).
Number of times I've won a Disney quote off: zero.
Number of times he's given me flowers: At least half a dozen.
Number of times broken up: Twice. I did it the first time, he did it the second for about 20 minutes before freaking out and recanting it all. He said the magic words that made me laugh and impossible to stay mad: "I'm like a puppy; I'll just follow you home!" The exact same thing I said when I wanted to get back with him. We're even.
Number of times he's repeated exactly what I said two minutes earlier: 49.
Number of sports games he's made me watch: two. Rugby and basketball. Thank goodness he's not a sports fanatic, I'm just not competitive enough to get into it.
Number of times he's let me cry on his shoulder after I had a bad day/did or said something incredibly stupid: At least ten.
Number of plays/live performances we've seen together: 3 I can think of at the top of my head. Thank you, love :)
Number of times we've danced in the kitchen: uncountable.
Number of times I've looked at him and wondered why such a wonderful, kind, creative, handsome person would put up with all my crap: 128,308.

To be fair, we did get a little weird tonight when he started making my hair clip growl at me while I laughed uncontrollably and my roommates watched concernedly. He also sang me my favorite children's song in Spanish. The one about the three little fishies and the shark. Priceless. Love you now and forever, baby.