Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raindrops on Roses

McKay is one of my favorite things.
  That really doesn't have much to do with anything, I just think my husband is the schiz. And who doesn't love a field covered in giant metal roses? I thought it was a nice touch.
  I'm sick again today. It seems like I'm sick every other day here in China, which is especially annoying because I really don't get sick all that often normally. China- 3; Immune System- 0. Head colds are not one of my favorite things.

    Here is a list of my NOT favorite things in China, because I'm in one of those head-cold moods:
  1. Pea flavored ice cream. This also applies to corn ice cream. They have a thing with corn here. I do not share that affinity.
  2. Spit. Everyone spits in China. I saw a cleaning lady spit into her mop the other day. Spit shine! I saw a teenage girl dressed up like Sailor Moon spit out the bus as the door opened. Old men spit recreationally, it seems. Not a fan.
  3. Mosquitos. I never had a bug bite before China. Not once. Now I have at least a dozen at all times, which all seem to swell up to an unusual size so I look like I have boils.
  4. Constantly sweating. The Chinese are built to withstand humidity. I, having lived almost my entire life in the Mojave Desert, am not. The only thing worse than being covered in sweat all the time? Being the only one covered in sweat all the time. And the only thing worse than that? Being a blonde girl in China so everyone stares at you while you wipe off said sweat.
  5. The drinks. This applies to the notorious corn juice (frothy and warm, yum), boiling water, warm watermelon juice, and papaya juice. At least, I think it was papaya. Whatever it was, I don't think I've ever had a juice before that tastes like straight blandness. Now I have.
  6. The food. I would pay a lot for some Taco Bell. Or, heck, some American Chinese food. Number of fortune cookies I've had in China: 0. And yes, yes, I know fortune cookies are an American invention, but still. For a country that's trying so hard to act like the West, you think they'd at least have the desert we determined they should have. Speaking of, everyone here seems to LOVE faded jeans. Like, the crazy faded jeans from the 90's and early 00's. I prefer the Sailor Moon girls, with their pink eyeshadow and crazy long fake eyelashes and extremely frilly/ruffly/bow-covered dresses. I actually think it's really cute, in a crazy, over-the-top way. But anyway, food. Missing food I can readily identify.

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