Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 18: A Picture That Makes Me 'Feel'

  I'm not an art person. At all. Even the most basic ones, like The Mona Lisa, leave me scratching my head. I feel like art is some profound, secret club that I'm not a member of. I mean, come on--a woman, with no eyebrows, with a slight smile. Okay. . . what about it? What am I supposed to be looking at here? Just how good the brushstrokes and such are? How women are secretive? That eyebrows are so last season, what?! I then feel stupid, so then I go into defense mode. I make my eyes really big, have my eyebrows slightly tilted like I would if I were concerned, and stare like there's no tomorrow. This, I hope, makes it seem like all kind of deep thoughts are running through my head, and I'm so incredibly moved that I'm rooted to the spot.
   Sometimes I wonder if anyone really "gets" art, or if everyone else is pretending, too. I would feel a lot better if they were. To answer the question, though, all art makes me "feel". And I "feel" stupid. And, most of the time, a little bored.

  Anyone out there know why The Mona Lisa is so great? Can you explain it to me, please? I genuinely want to know.


  1. If I'm staring at art, I'm pretending to have profound thoughts, too. The paintings are nice to look at, but I could seriously walk through an art gallery at normal speed, be out in a half hour, and feel like I saw some nice stuff.

    Joy and I went to the Getty, and she let me in on her secret: she makes up a story for the painting. Makes the time go faster.

  2. Eyebrows were definitely last season. That's why I'm shaving mine off.

  3. Haha, I love this. The reason the Mona Lisa is such a big deal is because people didn't smile in pictures back then. They had to sit for hours so they were always painted bored to death. Also there were other things about it that were very forward for that time period--aaaand that's all I know :) Hopefully it makes you feel enlightened and more understanding of art