Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Ten: Last Dream I Had

 Okay, here's the DL. I did not forget about my blog for the last week. Truth is, I've been waiting to have a dream that I remember in the morning. The few times I have, I was so relieved that I promptly forgot them by the time I sat down to write it down.

  In general, though, I can tell you I've had two nightmares about my duplex being haunted. One of them was my first night here. McKay left me for a short period of time--in real life--to go buy toilet paper (which was a rather urgent need for me), and I realized that our front room does not have an overhead light, meaning an overwhelming dark gloom over a majority of the apartment. It didn't help that our carpet is a splotchy dark brown shag, putting creepy forest floor images in my mind. Or that the fridge makes noises likes it's possessed (my mother can back me up on this one--it's an evil sounding fridge). Or that just about everything in the house "settles" constantly, making creaking noises. Also, our few belongings were in boxes, which meant I felt about as not at home as possible. In an attempt to make the apartment more "cozy", I started setting up our sleeping bags (we didn't get our bed for about two weeks). After laying them side by side, I noticed their resemblance to body bags, and nearly hyperventilated. Anyway, after all that, was it a wonder that I've had repeating dreams about sharing my apartment with the undead? No? Well, I guess you're not as jumpy as me, then.

  I'm sorry I don't remember any actual details of the dream, though. My dreams are usually quite strange, so I was holding out to get a really good one, but I figured at this point it was time to move on. Maybe I'll come back to this one eventually. But only if you're good.


  1. Oh please please post a dream someday! I will be good, I promise

  2. I just laughed out loud in a really quiet library. People are staring......I'm just going to pretend that they are really jealous because they are doing homework and being bored while some other girl (me) can afford to take enough time out of her busy day to actually laugh. Or they are probably thinking I have post-midterm insanity.