Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Nine Million and One: 5 Things I Want to See Change

  Is anybody else with me that this should've been on day 5? Anyway...

  1. The Oregon driving test, which will require me to parallel park sometime in the next week. This scares me, and, quite frankly, should scare Oregon.

  2. Lots of Halloween candy equaling a nice pudgy tummy, prompting people to hint at my being pregnant. Halloween candy, in my perfect world, would have the same effect on your body as celery. Someday, the technology will exist.

  3. Intolerant tolerant people. These people drive me nuts--the ones who are all about treating everyone equally and peace and whatnot, but become very uppity when someone disagrees with them. Either be tolerant of EVERYONE, or stop pretending you are.

  4. The way squirrels only take one bite of every apple. Such a waste, they should at least finish what they start (this is from McKay, who I was pestering for ideas, and I think it's genius).

  5. Stupid people. I want them to be less stupid.
...On second thought, I want them to be more stupid (but in a non-violent, harmless way. And please don't rant to me about how they vote, etc etc). Moronic people validate my existence. Every time I meet one, I immediately run home and rant to McKay about how stupid people are. And then we laugh, because we are superior.
  Except for the days when I introduce myself as "James" on accident.


  1. Ha Ha, can't agree more! Oh, except I've never called myself James, but now I can run home to Eric and laugh....

  2. do I sense sarcasm in that title missy???