Friday, January 7, 2011

Curse You, Invisible Objects!

  Every day after rehearsal, I tell myself I'm going to go home and practice my physical humor. But then I feel silly and put it off. It turns out that I'm not that great at physical humor. My director (who's really an awesome guy, and I'm glad he's not afraid to give directions) stops me at least twenty dozen times during my monologue to give me more directions on what I suck at. I can't open invisible doors very well. My cavalier throwing-of-the-invisible-porridge-over-my-shoulder is too small. My skipping in a circle is wrong. And, basically, my timing sucks.

  Today, I finally found the guts to perform this monologue over and over and over in my living room. I speak to the entertainment center, as I think he'll be nonjudgmental about it all. But I think even he is getting sick of it. I mean, how many times can you watch a girl fall on her butt and still think it's at all entertaining? Which is another thing I'm not so great at, by the way--falling off my invisible chair.

  So, what makes good physical humor? Because at this point, I think my entertainment center is getting ready to run away from home.


  1. You know, I have this great distaste for speaking aloud, it's so tiresome. So often, I will just act out what I want to say, because it's ten times easier to mimic getting a carton of eggs from the fridge, cracking them over an imaginary pan, flipping and salting them and finally dipping imaginary toast in them rather than saying "I'm going to make you some eggs." You could practice with your husband and you'll know whether or not you're getting the point across depending on if he knows what you're doing. This doesn't help with the humor part much but slipping on an invisible banana peel is always fun. :D

    Also, you've got to be one of my favorite people ever. Don't tell the rest of my friends though!

  2. I'm highly offended jill...HIGHLY!!!! ;]

  3. He's an "entertainment" center. I am sure he appreciates you finally returning the favor after he has tried to entertain you so many times!