Sunday, February 6, 2011

100 Posts! . . . 4 Posts Ago!

  So, I never really knew how people knew that they had reached the monumental 100 POSTS. Then I noticed the little thingy on the account thingy. Turns out this is my 104th post! Yay for four posts ago!

  I think I need to celebrate this fact, so I will finally finish my 30 day challenge. Remember that? The one I started back in September? Yeah, I'm going to finish that. Just a day or two late. Or 120-ish.

  So, here we go! Day 27: My definition of the meaning of life.

  Okay, my religious answer (it is Sunday and all): To make it back to Heavenly Father; experience the bodies He has given us, grow in them, learn, and  return a pure and wiser being than we were before we came to earth.

  My everyday answer: kisses, chocolate, and laughter. Any day that has an abundance of these three is bound to be a good day in my book.

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