Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 28: A Day I Was Completely Happy

  Well, I dunno about a WHOLE day, but today has been pretty flippin' awesome so far.

 We had our first two shows of "Nick Tickle, Fairytale Detective" today (if anyone wants to trek to Oregon, the public shows are on the 20th and 26th). I think my biggest fear (besides messing up, duh) was that the audience wouldn't respond. There are SO many times we ask for audience participation, and if they weren't into it, we would be completely screwed. As I went down to the backstage area to get into position, I heard a beautiful thing.

  Children. Lots and lots of children. Like a hive of buzzing, singing, screaming, laughing children. I could not get a smile off my face as I realized we were good, we were solid. They were cracking up so much in the first five minutes, we had to take minute-long pauses to try to let them calm down.

  Even though it was a screw up, one of the favorite parts was when the kids spied me getting ready to go onstage and they all screamed, "GOLDY!! IT'S GOLDY!!" like I was Hannah freaking Montana.

  There were some minor problems. . . I have a VERY quick costume change from Goldilocks to Evil Punk, and we couldn't find my black shoes. I had hoped that my graduation robe (on backwards) would be long enough, but alas, my white stockinged feet were very exposed. Also, in the second show, I couldn't find my squirt gun, so I had to pretend it was my hand. Other little bits and pieces weren't quite what they were supposed to be, but those kids LOVED it. They HOWLED at our lamest jokes! I suddenly remembered why I loved theater so much.

  Now my feet are killing me after five hours of wearing heels, and I'm completely wiped out, but in my head I still hear the chants of "GOLDY!! GOLDY!!".

   Yup. I'm pretty much on par with Power Rangers. It's a beautiful thing.


  1. Congratulations, Goldy! Wish I could see you.

  2. I wish I could be there. I bet you are amazing! Are they going to record one of your performances? I bet my kids would love it!

  3. They recorded yesterday morning's, but I think that's the one I yelled "What the crap?!" in, so if your children are not used to such harsh language, you may want to hold onto it for a couple years.