Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Dining Table Disaster of '11

  Our dining table cost us a whopping $5 from a local used furniture store that was desperate for us to take it off their hands. Though the price was right, there was no denying that this table was not a looker.

  This picture is far too kind. A fake wood top, with a nice cracked line down the middle that showed off just how incredibly fake it was. We attempted to sand off the top for FOUR HOURS before admitting defeat. That fake wood don't pull no punches. I really disliked this brown with my new two pretty chairs, though, and decided drastic measures must be taken.

  Half a bottle of spray paint later, I called into our apartment, "This may have been a terrible, terrible mistake."

   I don't have that even spray paint touch, I guess (but I secretly blame the cheapness of the spray paint, which probably had lead in it, anyway). I persevered, thinking maybe it would magically even out.

  In case you can't tell, it didn't. I also ran out of spray paint.

  I left the table outside while McKay and I went downtown to try to find a fourth chair (we had only three dining chairs, one of them broken). When we returned, it was pouring rain (we live in Oregon, how did we expect otherwise?), and we realized we had to haul the wretched thing back in.

  I thought I had taken a picture of the ultimate aftermath, but I guess I somehow neglected it. There were dead bugs dried into the paint. The paint was already chipping in several places. And, while yanking it up out of the mud, McKay accidentally broke off a leg.

  Long story short, here's our new dining table, a gem I found on Craigslist (which came with three chairs, so we can get rid of the broken one and still have one left over!)


   And we all lived happily ever after. The end.


  1. That's nice looking table, Julia! You're a good shopper. And the chairs are terrific, too.

  2. I love the table. One thing I have found while dealing with fake wood is buying the oober primer works so much better than sanding. A couple of layers and you're good to paint. Are you going to keep the table and chairs wood colored or change those up too?

  3. I'll paint the chairs, but I'll probably leave the table be. At least until I get my confidence back. I already painted one of the new chairs, but I think I'm going to repaint it. It's kind of a reddish-pink color, and the three together look too much like sherbet ice cream.

  4. Haha! Reminds me of our first dining table... one handed down from Grandma and Grandpa. It had a flaw as well. It wasn't really flat, in fact as you came to the center of the table, it was slightly raised from either end. I don't remember things sliding off... but we did scrape up enough money for a new table before too long!!