Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't You Wish Your Date Nights Were Hot Like Mine?

  For our always classy date night last night, McKay and I opted to make a stop-motion film. Our medium is Window's Paint program, and stick figures are our specialty. It's short, but truly great films often take approximately 15 seconds. (McKay drew the left hand character, I drew the right, plus all written sound effects. Prepare yourself.)

  I'm expecting a call from the Oscars committee any day now.


  1. Julia Beesley? Did you keep your last name?

  2. Yeah, I'm still Beesley for now. I couldn't change my name when we got married (which would've been free) because we didn't have time to change my visa before we went to China. I tried to change it when we came back, but it cost about $200 here in Oregon, which we thought was lame. So I'm still Beesley for now. But sometimes I like to pretend I'm a feminist for fun.

  3. hahaha, oh man I love this! The back flips were awesome!