Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Most Controversial Show in Town

  Our play has been open for a week, and we've already had quite a bit of feedback. And by "feedback" I mean "complaints". These complaints were mostly on language, which is a little silly, but almost understandable. Half of Hansel and Gretel's lines are insults--idiot, loser, cat poop breath, and dog breath are the worst of it. I accidentally yelled "What the crap?!" once, which also drew complaints (Curse my Mormon substitute swears slipping out!). One school even decided to cancel their show because we were apparently so foul-mouthed. To appease them, Dan (our director) had us take out all the insults, which really screwed up other people on their cues, but it was fine overall.

  Wasn't good enough. Dan got a call about my little miss Goldilocks. Apparently, I'm too skanky. Well, okay, they didn't say "skanky" per se. But my hitting on Nick Tickle was "completely inappropriate". Since flirting is essentially how I convince Nick Tickle to work for me (and the reason he says he's in love with me two minutes later), it's a little important to the plot. And, seriously, has this person never seen a Disney film? I guess that scandalous fake kiss on the cheek was a little too spicy. The smut these children are exposed to, yeesh!

  One person, while exiting, commented on how she was surprised baby bear was allowed to wear a giant diaper. Keep in mind, baby bear looks like a large ewok. Another complaint was about one of our song choices--which has no lyrics, is not suggestive in tune or anything, but came from a controversial old show that none of the children would know of, anyway. I can't even remember the name of said controversial show because I'd never heard of it before.

  One school called up and kindly told Dan, "I don't know who you are or where you come from, but we're a small town with small town values! That play was filth!"

 Ah, the theater. I have to wonder: does Disney ever get complaints like this? Or Looney Tunes? Because I think both of them are often more scandalous than our controversial play "Nick Tickle, Fairytale Detective".

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  1. Couple, three things:

    1. Love your blog. Big fan.
    2. So glad you're back onstage! But please stop corrupting the youth of today with your talk of crap and idiocy and bad oral hygiene, and the theme song from "The Graduate" or whatever it is. (Henry reminded me again today that "We are supposed to say 'What on earth?' instead of 'What the crap!' ...But sometimes when you are helping me play Lego Star Wars you forget, Mom.")
    3. Super cool felties, my friend! Creative, clever and heartfelt (sorry, couldn't resist.) Congrats on the CraftGossip nod! You're an inspiration to non-crafters everywhere.